Sunday, September 12, 2010

What must i do to be free?!

I don't want to be the holding back when that happens it means its time to fight. Nothing is ever established until you give power to it.

Each moment is like a precious piece of glass. How much of Gods moments are spent in gratitude and victory and peace?

God! What must i do? please tell me please. I have given my life to you and i stand at your alter waiting for  you to give me the move in your bring thy kingdom to this evil world.

My Lord what must i do? must i humble myself? I look to your Word for light, for the heavens and the earth will fade away, but your stands forever.

And though i am not sure about myself sometimes...i look to you to know who i am...and i look to you for strength.

What strongholdmust i pull down?! root out! tear down! what must i destroy? what must i build and plant?

Just tell me please?

I dont care for this world anymore Father...I just want to be free and for them to be free...just show me how!

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