Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before I die please :)

Are you confused to know that was once a wilderness is now a fruitful field?

To see that fearful creature now full of the Holy Ones glory?

To see that angry woman now full of praise?

To see the tormented now full of peace?

To feel the jelouse heart now full of radiant love?

To see the old man dance for joy?

If I could bring you the salvation of God to you i would...but i can't. I can only pray for you...and be an oracle of God.

To let you know that it is a gift, something that you don't have to earn or buy...something that can only be recieved to those who have humbled themselves as little children. Like recieving a gift from a father.

The man Yeshua bore your iniquities in His body.

Will you except His gift for you?

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