Thursday, September 9, 2010

Everything is going to be alright

It seemed like it was light, but it really wasn't.

You'll come out of the darkness soon enough my dearest friend.


  1. Something God has taught me, I will share with you; As we live life, we need to use our talents to make an impression on people, to be an example, to be living life to the fullest. Focus on living, on nurturing relationships, the ones that really matter...Start really living, because life goes by so quickly and if you don't love the life you are in and cherish it, your wasting a precious God given gift, a precious gift that unfortunally won't be here forever. May the life you lead be the life you love!
    Reilly, I love you! xo Aunt Glad

  2. So true...if we could just see things in light of love always...Love you too Aunt Glady...muah