Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes all i can do is cry.

Vessels of pain and hurt masked by hatred and shallowness. The only thing that will heal you is the love of God.

I know my own production of love always falls short of the real thing, so that is why i cast all my care upon Him.

Offer your self up as a holy sacrifice, he will never let you fall.

Shine His light in darkness....yeeearrrrr.

Trust that He is always with you and always will be.

Make yourself ready for His return.

Set your mind on things above.


  1. keep planting good things in your garden, and soon all the weeds will be gone! love mom

  2. Wow! You have really written alot of sermons to bless people. May the Lord open the widows of blessings overflowing to you and all that cross the threshold of the home you reside in. Amen! Praise to God!