Friday, September 3, 2010

Broad is the way to destruction.

I imagined you cruising down an old country road in a mo-ped, enjoying the beauty of the rural european country side. Passing by old locals working in their vegtable gardens and beautiful young woman walking side by side in quaint counrty clothing, they started laughing to eachother when they saw you passed by.

"This is so nice and peaceful" you thought as the sun was setting and you looked to the hilled green pastures as the shepherd was hearding the sheep in to their gates.

You stopped by the side of the road and pulled out a soda from your bag to watch the sun go down.
Your mind started to think of poetry and the notion of God, and you thought of the progression of war and suffering.

You were so detached from the world and your mind was so lucid.

You felt you had reached the height of your youth and the peak of enlightenment, and felt it was now your time to help and enlighten others.

I wished that God would show you what was behind the evil of this world, i wished you would know that the Devil enjoys making people suffer, and he enjoys deceiving people with laughter and luxuries and beauty to make them ignorant that God sent His son to give true life and life eternal.

Your imagination has brought yoou to the most beautiful places and to where to most euphoric feelings.
But what about the times when they bring you to those fearful places, when you thought you could trust them they just led you into a place of fear and torment only for a little while and then set you back to lonliness.

I wished you would know that it doesn't have to be that way. That there is someone true who can comfort you and bring you into a peace that surpasses all understanding...where salvation meets you and true wisdom.

True light comforforts. Jesus is the true sheherd. follow Him.

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